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Covers your liability for the damages you may have caused to a third-party as well as the damages of your vehicle.

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Home insurance

Covers your property as the owner in case of fire or other events, as well as the liability of the current tenant.


Professional Multi-risk

Covers your company for all sustained damages as well as its liability toward affected third-parties.

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Health insurance

Covers the compensation of all health related expenses supported by the subscriber within an extensive network of practitioners and facilities.

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Travel insurance

Covers the subscriber in case of accidents or health disease while traveling outside the country.


Life insurance

Ensures a capital to be given to the entitled persons in case of death in order to face the unexpected.



Allows you to establish a pension in addition to the standard pension (IPRES) to be remitted as capital or private income.

All risks

All risks construction

Covers damages that can occurs on a building site and that may affect any third-parties.


Decennial civil liability

Covers over a period of 10 years after acceptance all damages sustained which may compromise structural solidity and stability of a building.



Covers material and financial damage of goods under international trade during ground, sea or air transportation.


Hull Coverage

Marine or aviation insurance covering damage sustained to an insured vessel, wagon or airplane.